Steller’s sea eagle escapes from Pittsburgh’s National Aviary

PITTSBURGH — An eagle soaring in the sky is a breathtaking sight. One of these beautiful eagles, however, is a bird in flight.

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A Steller’s sea eagle escaped from the National Aviary in Pittsburgh on Saturday, zoo officials said.

The bird of prey, named Kodiak, flew out of the zoo and was seen flying over the north side of Pittsburgh, WPXI reported.

“While our efforts continue, it is important to note that eagles are very resilient birds and in the wild, they do not eat every day,” National Aviary officials said in a statement. “Kodiak is in excellent health and body condition, and this species is acclimated to a multitude of weather conditions.”

According to eBird, the Steller’s sea eagle is an “immense” bird with a large head and a massive orange bill.

“I was leaving to get coffee this morning and I was driving up Pennsylvania avenue and saw a giant bird on the side of the road so I pulled over and stopped,” Christ Parke told WPXI. “Cops showed up the aviary showed up. The lady from the aviary tried to get it and it flew right at me and it was a giant animal.”

Aviary officials asked residents not to approach the bird, asking instead to call the zoo’s main line at 412-323-7235.