McDonald’s to phase out self-serve soda

You won’t be able to mix sodas in refill after refill at McDonald’s after the company announced it is phasing out its self-serve soda machines.

But the change is going to take a while to appear at all locations. The transition is not expected to be complete until 2032, CNN reported.

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McDonald’s has allowed customers to get their own drinks, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed habits, including more customers using drive-thru and delivery services instead of staying at the restaurant to eat. That means the self-serve machines aren’t needed anymore, according to CNN.

The company told the “Today” show that the move will give customers a consistent experience no matter how they get their food.

It is also a change that will help with theft prevention and food safety, “Today” and the State Journal-Register reported.

Soda will be dispensed through a “crew pour system,” or an automated beverage machine that minimizes contact, according to the newspaper.

Refills will still be permitted, but they will have to be asked for at the counter, USA Today reported.

This isn’t the only change McDonald’s is planning on rolling out. Some restaurants may have smaller seating areas or none at all, opting for high-tech drive-thru systems. The company has already tested a smaller location called CosMc’s.

McDonald’s isn’t the only food service chain trying to shake up the business. Chipotle, Taco Bell and Starbucks are all taking a look at their location designs, CNN reported. Meanwhile, some chains are looking to go purely to digital sales, USA Today reported.

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