'Hard Knocks' extending to offseason access, and will feature the Giants

"Hard Knocks" has become a staple for its training camp seasons, and it has added in-season versions of the show the past couple years.

Now an interesting wrinkle to the series: offseason access.

HBO announced that "Hard Knocks, Offseason with the New York Giants" will debut on July 2 on Max, the network's streaming service. Presumably that will feature an inside look at the team's approach to the scouting combine, free agency and the NFL Draft.

Half of the season might be the Giants' front office sitting around and wondering if they actually signed Daniel Jones to a four-year, $160 million deal the year before, but if NFL Films gets true access it could be a great look inside the workings of a team as it builds a roster. Will we see the Giants' discussions to try to get the third overall pick and presumably draft Drake Maye, which was reported in April? Do we get honest insight on why the Giants then passed on three quarterbacks that went later in the top 12 to draft receiver Malik Nabers at No. 6 overall? The show will only work if there is truly "uprecedented access to the biggest decisions and boldest moves," as HBO teased.

The Giants are an interesting team for the project, especially considering that in 2010 Giants co-owner John Mara said the team would never be on "Hard Knocks." The Giants are coming off a tumultuous season and had many big decisions to make this offseason, such as not re-signing Saquon Barkley and what to do at quarterback.

If there's an honest and mostly unfiltered look at the inner workings of the front office in the offseason, it could be a groundbreaking and highly entertaining new step for the popular series.