Bus stop registration opens Monday for Duval County Public Schools

It’s that time of year again for parents to sign up their children for school transportation for the upcoming school year in Duval County.

Duval County Public Schools says bus stop registration open Monday and other than exceptional student education, families wishing to have school bus services must sign up.

Students can’t sign up on their own. A parent or guardian has to do it for them, and they have to have a Focus account through the school district. You can head here to set up one of those accounts.

To register for a certain bus stop, you have to login to the Focus account, select your child’s name and then select the Child Info tab. From there you select Forms and then select the Transportation Registration Form. Your address should pop up, and if it’s right you can submit the form. If not, you’ll have to change the address.

Complete those steps for any additional students and in about a week you should be able to find your child’s bus information when you log into the Focus account.