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Brent & Friends On ESPN690

Brent & Friends On ESPN690

This is the Brent & Friends on ESPN 690 podcast. Hear the best clips from the show every weekday. Action Sports Jax is hosted by Brent Martineau, Aaron Schachter, and Kasey Kuhrts. The Team breaks down NE Florida sports while also covering all of the things that matter to Duuuval!

5-25-23 OT: Brian says goodbye to his Kicking King, the Jaguars got better today

Kasey Kuhrts and Brian Middleton discuss the news of the day that Riley Patterson is out, and Brandon McManus is in at kicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars + For Your Defense on a Thursday!

5-25-23 HOUR 3: Tweets around the NFL - the Patriots cheating again, Jimmy G hurt again

Brent Martineau and Kasey Kuhrts discuss the biggest NFL stories of the day in tweets including the Patriots getting caught cheating again and Jimmy G is already hurt...again

5-25-23 HOUR 2: Riley Patterson now TRADED to the Detroit Lions for a MASSIVE HAUL

Brent Martineau and Kasey Kuhrts discuss the news that Riley Patterson was actually TRADED - not cut - by the Jaguars to the Lions. The return will shock you